PPM il laboratory information management system certificato CE usato in ITALIA

Healthcare, future in designing the experience

Healthcare is an essential industry that needs to be able to cope with an ever-increasing demand. If we take the opportunity to design the experience of the future at every point in the healthcare system, then we can not only maintain the high...

Posted on Apr 24, 2016

Quantitative Lab Skills for the Modern Analyst

When she reached the first hills of the Italic Mountains, she had a last view back on the skyline of her hometown Bookmarksgrove, the headline of Alphabet Village and the subline of her own road, the Line Lane. Pityful a rethoric question...

Posted on May 7, 2015

How to Detect and Solve Immunoassay Interference

Immunoassays are the versatile workhorses of clinical laboratories, aiding in fast, easy, and inexpensive diagnosis of various diseases by measuring analytes ranging from hormones and antibodies to proteins and drugs in matrices as diverse as whole...

Posted on Sep 1, 2014